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Help Negotiating And Litigating Severance Agreements

Were you fired or laid off without just cause? I may be able to help you. New York is an at-will employment state, permitting employers to fire workers for any reason except those based on discrimination or in violation of an employment contract. However, you may still have a valid claim. Speak with an employment law attorney to learn more.

At the Law Office of Noah A. Kinigstein, I protect the rights of workers who have been treated unfairly. I can negotiate employment and severance agreements as well as litigate disputes over these agreements. During my career as an attorney, I have tried and settled many of these cases, often obtaining the best results possible for my clients.

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Do Not Sign Your Rights Away

Did your employer offer you a severance agreement in exchange for signing a release? Was your severance package not fair or consistent with your employer’s policy? You may be entitled to further compensation.

Employers often do not treat workers fairly when they quit or are terminated. If you are offered a severance agreement, it is best to have an employment law attorney review it before you sign. You may be waiving critical rights by signing the agreement.

If you were fired without receiving a severance agreement, I can negotiate with your employer for an agreement. If negotiations are not sufficient, I can pursue your case at trial. I have experience litigating employment law cases against large and small corporations as well as numerous financial institutions and government agencies. As a trial attorney, I don’t back down. I fight hard for my clients’ rights.

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