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Fighting Racial Discrimination In New York City

Were you treated differently at work than a similarly situated white employee? Whether you were paid a lower salary for the same work, denied a promotion or terminated without valid cause, you may have a race discrimination claim against your employer. Speak with an employment discrimination attorney to learn how you may take legal action.

With 30 years of experience, I have the knowledge and skill to assist employees in New York. I litigate in all city, state and federal antidiscrimination agencies, and I have had success with very difficult cases. You can rely on my dedication to your case and your rights. I represent employees from all occupations, including many civil service and union workers.

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The Elements Of Racial Discrimination

People of any race, as well as multiracial individuals, can be victims of race discrimination. You can suffer race discrimination in hiring, advancement, disciplinary and firing practices. If you believe your employer treated you differently because of your race, we will discuss your work, your compensation, and, if you were fired, the terms and conditions that led to termination.

If you have a boss or co-worker whose inappropriate conduct makes it difficult to do your job, you may also be the victim of racial discrimination. Inappropriate conduct such as offensive jokes or materials, racial slurs or threats that occur continuously may be considered a hostile work environment.

Were you disciplined or fired for complaining about or reporting race discrimination suffered by co-workers? Call my office today to discuss employer retaliation claims.

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