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Don’t Accept Disability Discrimination

If you have a disability of any kind, you should not accept bad treatment in the workplace under any circumstances. To the contrary, employers are required by law to make reasonable accommodations for workers with disabilities.

If you have experienced discrimination in the workplace by reason of your disability, an experienced employment lawyer can help you obtain compensation in a discrimination lawsuit. At the Law Office of Noah A. Kinigstein, I am ready to defend your rights.

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You Have State And Federal Rights

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and other state and municipal laws, workers with disabilities enjoy a range of benefits and rights that protect them from discrimination in the workplace.

Your employer cannot simply terminate you just because you have work restrictions related to your disability. Likewise, your employer cannot retaliate against you after you report an instance of discrimination in the workplace.

Most employees do not know that disability discrimination laws also cover the event of serious medical conditions such as cancer and HIV, or that an employee without a disability is also protected in case he or she has a disabled spouse. Likewise, you are protected if you are pregnant and facing discrimination for that pregnancy.

Let Me Advocate For The Justice You Deserve

If you feel your disability has influenced any decisions of your employer toward you, I am ready to represent you and defend your rights in court.

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