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Fighting Age Discrimination In New York City

Have you been replaced by a younger employee? Was the reason for your termination a pretense just to get rid of you? Age discrimination in the workplace is prohibited by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967. If you have been discriminated against in any part of the employment process on the basis of age (40 or older), I can help you fight back.

At the Law Office of Noah A. Kinigstein, I have litigated age discrimination cases in state and federal courts for 30 years. I have a history of successful verdicts and jury settlements, and I have taken on some of the largest corporations, banks and financial institutions in the city. For a free phone consultation with a New York City lawyer for age discrimination cases, please call 212-285-9300 or contact me online.

State And Federal Laws Prohibit Age Discrimination In The Workplace

Federal law protects the rights of employees ages 40 and older from unfair personnel practices based on their age, including hiring, firing, compensation, training and promotion. Older employees may experience discriminatory actions such as:

  • Denied promotions
  • Refused job training and development
  • Replaced with younger, inexperienced employees who have lower salaries

In addition, workers may experience retaliation by their employers simply for complaining about or reporting age discrimination suffered by co-workers. If you have been fired for this reason, I can help you.

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