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If you have been fired, have suffered discrimination or have experienced any problems or transitions at work, you should contact an employment attorney as soon as possible. An experienced employment lawyer can help you remedy the situation in your favor.

The legal framework protecting workers’ rights in New York is fairly pro-employee, but workers normally shy away from defending their rights. At the Law Office of Noah A. Kinigstein, I will defend your rights vigorously and take your employer to court, if necessary. If you were the victim of an employment violation or discrimination in New York, you may have the right to bring a lawsuit against your employer.

I have been representing employees in employment and labor law disputes for more than 30 years. Contact the Law Office of Noah A. Kinigstein to speak to a knowledgeable and experienced New York employment lawyer.

Defending Employees Like You For More Than 30 Years

Labor law that applies to your specific case can be a patchwork of regulations from state, federal and even municipal rules. I have been defending the rights of employees for more than three decades, and this experience has taught me that not all employers play by the rules.

If you need advice or legal representation in any matters of employment law, I am ready to defend your rights and take your employer or former employer to court if necessary.

I offer advice and representation in many areas of employment and labor law, including:

Let Me Defend Your Workplace Rights

If you have been a victim of workplace discrimination or believe you had your employment rights violated, I am ready to defend you.

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